The Key to Spiritual Alignment

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A man who is not aligned with Jesus is not aligned with God and misleads his family. The key to spiritual alignment is to fear God, and that means to take God seriously.
A car that is trying to go from one place to another with tires that are not aligned will cause damage not only to the tires, but it can eventually lead to a broken car.  A man trying to get from one point in their life to another that is not aligned with God will cause damage in their home and relationships.  It can also lead to a broken home which will effect generations to come. The key to spiritual alignment is explained in Psalms 128:1-6 and God shows us the blessings that comes with it.
What does it mean to fear God? The word fear in the Bible is described in two different ways.  The first way is to be in terror and the second is to be in awe.  The easiest way to sum those two up is to “take God seriously.”  Let’s break down this part of scripture.
128 Blessed is everyone who fears the Lord,
    who walks in his ways!
The first verse is “blessed” which is defined as experiencing, enjoying and extending the goodness of God to others.  The first verse then tells us what we need to do to receive the blessing.  It says that we have to fear the Lord, but how do we do that?  It says that we “walk in his ways” so that means we fear God with our walk not with our talk.  We fear God with our feet not with our emotions.  If fearing God is to take God seriously then that means taking God seriously means we will receive blessings.  The key to spiritual alignment is to fear God!  The rest of the passage explains why this should be a priority.
You shall eat the fruit of the labor of your hands;
    you shall be blessed, and it shall be well with you.
Then it says that we shall be blessed by the labor that we put in.  This blessing is your fortune that cannot be confused with the ever so popular “prosperity theology.”  God is not saying that if you work hard he will bless you with a new home, truck or boat. Just because you put in 52 Sundays, talk with your pastor weekly, attend all the church functions and love your family like the bible tells you to still could result in a circumstance with low income and many struggles.  However, it is saying that God will bless you and that blessing is not always based on your circumstance.  You have to get that! Your blessings will come in many different ways, but where you put your hope should rest in Jesus Christ because He is enough. The verse then says it shall be well with you, and that is your future.  It says that your future will have blessings.
Your wife will be like a fruitful vine
    within your house;
your children will be like olive shoots
    around your table.
This verse tells us that God is talking to a husband because it says, “your wife” and we know it is a father because he says, “your children.”  This blessing shows how your family will thrive.  A vine has three characteristics: cling, climb and cluster.  In other words, a wife needs a man that she can lean on, grow with and she will bear fruit.  She will discover new abilities and skills she never knew she had.  The children are compared to olive plants which grow into trees.  An olive plant needs 15 years before it will produce as a tree, but it will go on and produce for another 2000 years!  This tells us that the blessings in our children will be a long time.  It also points out that their is a table. Families who eat together, stay together.  A man leads his family around the table.  When you look around you table what do you see?  
Behold, thus shall the man be blessed
    who fears the Lord.
I love how this verse repeats the main point hear that we must fear the Lord.  We must take him seriously, and it no error that God reminds us again for a reason.  As you are reading from verse one the blessings, the fortune, the future, the wife and the children it stops us before we exhale to take God seriously. Fearing God turns into blessings.  Don’t stop taking Him seriously when the blessings start rolling in.  
The Lord bless you from Zion!
    May you see the prosperity of Jerusalem
    all the days of your life!
This tells us that the church will bless us.  A Father should be an eager, enthusiastic church contributor who is not only bringing his family to church, but also taking what they learn and rehearse it all week long with his family and peers. A father has to be the pastor of his house! Side Note:  A man should also go to church to connect with other men.  This should be in a cord of three men where  one man  is more spiritually mature and the other should be less spiritually mature.  This is how the men can grow and be blessed.  From the home, to the church and then to the city and it will go all the days of a man’s life.  Before you can make an impact in your community you have to make an impact in your church.  Before you can make an impact in your church you have to make an impact in your home.  Your home has to take you seriously because you take God seriously.  Joshua said, “As for me an my house….” (if you do not know the rest look it up)
May you see your children’s children!
    Peace be upon Israel!
This ends perfectly.  As a parent nothing is more desired than knowing your children will continue a legacy of blessings. Lastly, it states that their will be peace upon the people.  The impact starts with a father and ends with all the people! How many people are out trying to make peace?  The progressive left think they are “making progress towards peace” with a liberal agenda.  The political right think they are “improving the peace” with a conservative agenda.  Both agendas think they are “doing it” and Jesus and the work he did on the cross says “it’s done!”  Your peace is in Jesus, not a beer, not a beach and not a book.  It’s in Jesus, because tsunamis wreck beaches,  disease can follow alcohol and a book will burn, and if all of that happened you still have Jesus.  His peace is eternal because he defeated the grave.
The implications of a man start in a shaky home and will spill out into a broken world.   Also, a man not aligned means that he is misleading his wife and kids.  This means that the home is not covered under God’s umbrella.  These types of homes that contribute to their local churches result in broken churches. Broken churches end up contributing to their community, their state and then this all contributes to a world that is losing tread and leading to brokenness.  If you want a better world then it roots back to a better man.  It starts with the home and the man is the head of the home.  So men, it starts with us. It starts with you. However, a man can only make an impact if he aligns with Jesus.  Who are you following? Who is following you?  Do you take them seriously?
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