Hearing in the Details

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We live in a society where details often go unnoticed. Our attention span is short and the information to take in is great. We multi-task like no generation before us, as we divide our attention between notifications, texts, calls, and newly uploaded videos.

This isn’t a bad thing; however, we must be aware of how all these distractions can lead to a detail deficient life. God speaks to us just as He spoke to Israel; just as Jesus spoke to His disciples. Within His Word are hundreds of details that are imperative to our ability to live a life abiding in Him. As He speaks to us today through His Spirit, He speaks in details that will lead to growth, maturity, and above all else, glory to Him and for His Kingdom.

Often we miss these details because we are overwhelmed with the daily activities of our busy lives or because the details often don’t make any sense to our logical brains. I believe we miss His blessings, His divine appointments, and His movements because we either tune God out, or we turn what He tells us into something more logical, changing the details of what He is speaking to us.

Jesus told us to be as wise as serpents and harmless as doves (Matthew 10:16). When it comes to hearing God through His Spirit we must be wise to how our flesh will want to turn His Word spoken to us into a logical philosophy.

Take a moment today and read Joshua chapter six. See how God gives Joshua very specific details about how to claim His promise of the Promised Land for all of the people of Israel. Take note of how these details go against all logic; in spite of this, through their obedience to these details, the people of Israel were able to claim the blessing that God had promised them.

Take Action: Where in your life are you missing Gods details that He is speaking to you? Are you distracted? Or are you changing what His Spirit says to fit your concept of logic or a specific philosophy? Spend time this week listening to God and His details. Ask God for His strength and the courage to be more obedient in hearing His details and acting them out.

Be Love in Action!

AUTHOR: Daniel Forster